Open Innovation – The Driver for a Smart, Sustainable and Livable Europe

Innovation in Europe, and especially Romania is lagging behind the State of the Art. The European Commission and policy makers are trying to learn from best practice examples, such as the big corporate models in USA and adapt innovation ecosystems to its specific context. European Universities, Cities, Policy makers are driven to work together in Digital Innovation Hubs, while building ecosystems designed to drive research and innovation to the foreground of European Development. As SME’s are the main pillar for economic growth and Cities are the driver for sustainable social development, Europe’s future depends in leveraging on their adaptability, resources and creativity, while bringing academia, users and communities to the co-creation and co-design table of goods, services and processes. Digital Innovation Hubs and Urban Innovative Actions provide the context for making these actors work together for the common good in a smart, sustainable and livable Europe.

Authors: Sorin Pop, Mircea Lobonțiu, Gabriela Lobonțiu

Year: 2020, Volume: XXXIV, Part: 1

Smart Cities as a Driver for Sustainable Development

Cities are, according to the European Commission, the most agile and relevant sub-national level entity, capable of creating economic, societal, and human development value. From their birth, almost 10.000 years ago, cities acted like living organisms, going through transformational changes. In the last 2000 years, the urban population grew from 10 to 60% of the world’s population, raising sustainability, security, health, and environmental challenges. From market or factory-centered approaches to technology and people, Cities and currently Smart (Sustainable) Cities have evolved stimulating the uptake of digitalization, technology, creativity, and innovation. This article proposes an overview of smart city evolution, metrics, and key performance indicators aiming at shaping, comparing, and supporting the development of climate-change, self-aware, economically viable,and high quality of life participatory urban ecosystems. 3 generations of Smart Sustainable Cities are presented and compared.

Authors: Sorin Pop, Mircea Lobontiu, Gabriela Lobontiu

Year: 2019, Volume: XXXIII, Part: 1