Pearl Jewelry – Attractive Designs

All ladies love pearl jewelry and most need to have completely different colors, textures and varieties of pearl jewelries. After all, pearl fashion would not exit of trend, it is a timeless beauty. These wonderful jewelries which are heirloom quality pass on from generation to generation.

For all of the jewelry lovers these gorgeous pieces come in numerous sorts of pieces starting from the easy necklace to interwoven and gold adorned ones are indispensable to their treasure box. From formal occasions reminiscent of weddings and events to even office and business wears, one has many options to decide on and wear any style.

These lovely natural gems are harvested in freshwater or saltwater and by natural or synthetic means. For cultured types, the completely different sorts of pearls in accordance with their place of cultivation are Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Cortez Pearls, Keshi Pearls and Mabe Pearls depending upon the osyster types producing them.

The akoya pearls come from Japanese and Chinese farms. They’re harvested from the akoya oyster internationally known as Pinctada fucata martensi. Being the smallest producers of pearls, the oyster is the reason why the pearl is very small in measurement which ranges from to eleven mm only. They are perfectly round as well and this makes them great for perfectly matched jewelries.

Cultured Akoya pearls are considered as some of the most exquisite types of pearls now. Not only they give the impression of being beautiful and lovely but are much more affordable now. These wonderful natural beads are very fashionable because of their luster and items fashioned out of these pearls are called traditional ones. These are elegant and the colour can be white, cream, with shades of pink and silver.

These pearls are predominantly available in China and Japan. Pearl jewelry made with these natural shiny lustrous items look nice and will be designed and set into any sort of jewelry, be it bracelets, necklaces, brooches or earrings.

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