Startup nation

Creative Space is an innovation startup working on Earth Observation.  It was shaped as a spin-off of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument GREENTOP – and European Space Agency initiative EOClimLab –

The 2017 established company was funded by an entrepreneurship local programme in Romania – Startup Nation, that enabled it to purchase infrastructures for EO data processing.

Shaped to extend the results of EOClimLab in Romania, the company uses the open-source technology and services created in the project and use them to provide a good practice example for young entrepreneurs and young people trying to build a career in the cutting-edge field of EO data processing.

It provides software development for integrated solutions targeting the local administration in Romania, trainings on EO data processing, as well as tools for training in the field.

Creative space

Creative Space aims to employ gamification for EO data processing, training and organizing events for the experts of tomorrow.  It supports the municipality of Baia Mare, Romania in shaping urban policies and using nature-based solutions for urban regeneration.

The company relies on the open innovation model shaped for the GREENTOP project, which assumes cooperation for co-creating new policies and service, both on a company and ecosystem level.

Creative Space provides expertise and experts in EOClimLab hackathons, workshops and conferences, delivering technical and business expertise to startups, entrepreneurs and software developers for making the most of satellite data.

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